• Chang teaches kids a lesson

    Michael Chang, one of the participants in Friday night’s Montreal Rendez Vous at the Bell Centre, was pressed into service at the last minute. The man scheduled to give a clinic for the juniors at the Nun’s Island Tennis Club, Ivan Lendl, found his plane delayed by the weather. So Chang stepped in. And the […]

  • Chang’s rise helped pave way for Lin

    Jeremy Lin isn’t just carrying the New York Knicks. He’s carrying the hopes and dreams of legions of fellow Asian Americans. Most have never met Lin but might feel like they know him. They’ve been starving for someone like him to come around and break the stereotypes of a race that has been dubbed the […]

  • Whiting: Tennis ace Michael Chang spreads faith

    Don’t mistake Grand Slam winner Michael Chang‘s mellow mood a decade after retiring from professional tennis as a champion gone soft. Still waters run deep and Chang’s are bottomless. After a season of Tim Tebow‘s football prayers, it’s tough to remember a time when thanking Jesus Christ for a victory didn’t seem routine. But when […]