Who We Are


The Michael & Amber Chang Foundation uses its time and resources to put the family’s Christian faith into action. Through the world of sports, our foundation is able to touch the lives of countless people and give them hope for a better future. In Orange County, California we host the Michael Chang Tennis Classic, an annual charity tennis event bringing together over one thousand tennis enthusiasts for a two weekend event – www.changtennis.com.

In Seattle, Washington the foundation hosts a series of Christian Sports Leagues including basketball and volleyball teams that meet regularly to compete and hear the gospel message.


The Michael & Amber Chang Foundation is a natural extension of the Chang Family’s core values and an affirmation of their commitment to community service. Throughout the years, the Chang Family has shown a passionate dedication to sports, family, and their Christian faith.


The Michael & Amber Chang Foundation puts the Christian faith into action by doing the work of Christ thereby sharing the message of salvation, serving people in need, and giving individuals hope for a better tomorrow.

Core Values

The core values of the Michael & Amber Chang Foundation include Excellence, Integrity, Perseverance, Teamwork and Compassion.